About Us - with over a decade of excellence in customer service

South Bay Acceptance Corporation was founded in 1993 and has established a reputation for excellent customer service, reliability and flexibility in the premium finance industry.

SBAC has demonstrated commitment to its producers through the use of innovative premium financing arrangements that benefit the insured as well as the independent agent (or agency).

SBAC is small enough to provide superior customer care and satisfaction – we’ve never lost a producer in our years of doing business! We pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized service. At the same time, we have the backing of major financial institutions, enabling us to provide our financial “muscle” that has allowed us to be a credible premium financier.

We believe in creating a “partnership” with your agency. We pride ourselves in developing relationships built on trust and understanding. We treat your agency and insured with utmost respect and courtesy. It benefits both of our businesses to keep the clients happy and to respond to their needs quickly and accurately.

As a result of our loyal producers and our financial credibility, we have experienced resounding growth as an organization since our humble beginnings in 1993. This growth – and our stability as an organization – allows us to benefit our producers in ways unique to our competitors.

At SBAC, we believe that our producers are Number One!